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Rapid Prototyping

Accelerate The Design Process

ClansCAD offer a Rapid Prototyping service to all sectors involved in product development. STL (Stereo lithography) data can be generated to facilitate rapid prototyping of parts.
In-house CNC machining facilities are used to machine parts rapidly in various
rapid prototyping materials.

ClansCAD have the technology to design and develop products and if necessary source manufacturers for them. This involves designing and making prototype tooling, making
fully functional prototype models of the products and following on to the development of production tooling. ClansCAD with also work closely with manufacturers on the commissioning and validation of production tooling.

ClansCAD work closely with the best rapid prototyping material suppliers to obtain the must suitable materials for making prototypes. Some of these materials are the
most innovative in the world.
ClansCAD can also illustrate
Simulation of Moving Parts on Screen with Motion Analysis.

Double Sided Machining

Specialists In Rapid Prototyping
SLA & SLS Models
Prototypes Delivered In Days Not Weeks

On Screen Visualisation & Motion Analysis

Machining Fine Detail